Storage Capacity Management

It is difficult to maintain a high rate of data while still using large amounts of information in modern EMC storage environments without proper storage management. Here are seven things to consider when preparing a capability preparation technique or determining the current and future storage needs for a storage program – click this link.

one. The Trade Applications

There are many resources available to anyone trying to increase your company’s storage capacity. PerfMon, a Windows efficiency monitoring tool, can be used to track the disk space and the amount of disk remaining.

This is not the best option for larger companies. However, if you require more detail, there are many SRM and capacity setting tools and calculators.

This is where the key lies: Determine how advanced your facts are, and ensure you have the right equipment to examine your environment’s expansion.

two. Identifying Your Storage Needs

If you are estimating your storage requirements for EMC storage systems, or setting up storage for the future, you should consider the total storage volume you will require, and not just what your system reports as being available. Determine the storage needs of uncooked storage instead of USABLE storage. For example, RAID 10 will require twice the disk space as knowledge in order to accommodate mirroring. If you are using a RAID 5 array, divide the amount of storage usable by 0.755 (or multiply it by one.33).

You should also ensure that you have properly sized each disk to provide backups and disaster recovery storage. This information will allow you to make educated decisions regarding the type and range of disks that you need.

3. Arranging for the Future

It is crucial to assess the data storage progress on your EMC storage array. This can be done on an annual basis or on a monthly basis depending upon the complexity of your EMC storage environment or user habits.

These numbers can be estimated using a variety of methods. You can consult your log files or use computer software onboard EMC storage array. Or, you could use spreadsheets and arranging tools to extrapolate future storage needs. The ability to set up computer software, or any other specialized management will allow you to determine expansion rates much faster.

EMC Snapview can also be used to create regional point in time copies and clones. This will allow for faster restoration.

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