Plant Spirit Shamanism: The Amazon Rainforest’s Medicinal Flowers

Working with teacher plant is called the “shaman’s diet”. The diet’s purpose is to prepare the body for the powerful knowledge that teacher plants can offer and expand your consciousness. See to get more info.

The mind creates the illusion that reality is separate from us every day and protects us like a veil from seeing the vastness of all things. It could be quite a shock to the system to have access to the truth without any preparation.

It is a challenge for the rational Western mind, as it requires a leap in imagination to integrate the ‘other’ consciousness of a plant. The dream language or expansion of the imagination is the best way to reach the magical world that plants transport us into. Our imaginative abilities and dreams act as doorways to connect us with the plant spirit.

Some of the Medicinal Plants of the Amazon Rainforest.

Mocura is taken orally or used to boost energy. It can also be used in floral baths. It can increase mental strength. You can also feel its effects with ajosacha. Both are garlic varieties and have a penetrating smell. Mental strength can help you overcome shyness or find your personal value and authority. Some of the medicinal properties of this herb include asthma, bronchitis, and reductions in fat and cholesterol. One of its other properties is the ability to burn excess fat.

Pinon Colorado; This plant can have a short-term effect but it will help you to dream when you go to bed. Pinon Colorado is also a great planta maestra (teacher) plant. It has medicinal properties that can be used to treat insect bites and stings, vaginal infection, and bronchitis. The resin is stronger, but can be toxic if it is ingested too often. The resin can be directly applied to the skin.

Chirisanango, this plant is great for arthritis and colds. It can also heat up the body so the maestro suggests taking a cold bath after each dose. This plant is good for luck, and can be used to make it easier to fish, hunt, and so on. This planta maestra makes it possible to feel connected to other people like brothers and sister, and to love animals and people.

It thrives mainly in the Upper Amazon with very few restingas (high ground that never floods) in Lower Amazon. According to the shamans, plants can connect us with nature since they get their food directly from the soil, the sun’s radiations, and the air. They enable us to recognize and understand ourselves. This is what a shaman needs to know and love his people in order to heal them. The gift of Chirisanango, or self esteem, is the ability to recognize ourselves.

According to the shamans, this plant opens up the path to shamanism. We must have courage and be prepared to live in shamanism’s harsh conditions. Understanding our roles in society is essential and having the heart of a soldier is a must.

Guayusa: It can treat excessive acidity, bile problems, and other stomach issues. It can be both relaxing and energizing at the same moment and improves mental strength. It also gives you lucid dreams, which is when you are conscious that you are dreaming. The “watchman’s” plant is also known because it allows you to be aware of your physical surroundings even when you’re asleep.

A personal note: The experience I had with this plant was also quite amazing. I was surprised at how fluid the boundary between sleep and awake felt. Even though I have taken the plant, my dreams are still vivider, richer, more vivid, and more lucid. This is the best plant for those who are interested in dreaming.

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