Church Should Have a Church App

Comscore estimates that 57% people spend their time on mobile apps when it is related to digital media. Although many churches have websites that are mobile-friendly, it is possible for your church to miss out on an opportunity to get interaction and attention from members if you do not have an app by

1. Church apps allow you to access sermons.

With a mobile app, there’s no better way to let your members dig deeper, repeat messages, or view a service even when they’re not at home than through a good app. You can easily navigate the menu to access individual messages or series.

2. A Church App Could Serve as a Donation Portal

According to recent studies, online giving is growing. 15% of all church giving online comes from overseas. The church must make digital giving simple and enjoyable for people as they become more dependent on online giving.

With just a few clicks, your church app lets you allow members to donate. A church app that integrates directly with your Church Management Software will help you streamline your operations.

3. A Church App Notifies Members About Upcoming Events

The church today offers more than just Sunday morning services and Wednesday evening services. Women’s Bible Study is not just for men. Men’s Prayer, Youth Group Jr. High, Singles ministry, outreach, church maintenance, volunteers and many other activities make up an active community. It is crucial to communicate with your congregation each week about the upcoming events. An app can be a useful tool to inform everyone.

4. A Church App can be created from scratch

It’s not necessary that all church apps look the same. Although many churches rely heavily on pre-made templates for their apps, a good app will let them customize it to fit their church’s needs. You can distinguish your app with colors, icons, or other elements.

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