9 Classic Flower Arrangement Styles

Like all art forms, flower arrangement is an art. The beauty of this art is creativity. Floristry is also known as flower arrangement. This can be extended to include the cultivation and sale of flowers. For the sake of completeness, however, we will be discussing nine methods of flower arrangement, and how they have held up over time. Visit www.west4flowers.co.uk before reading this.

Fan shape

The fan shape arrangement is made up of flowers and leaves that are spread out in an arc- or fan shape. The components are placed low so they don’t interfere in other decorations. A centerpiece usually includes a single large flower or several, with smaller flowers and foliage fanned around the edges. Commercial establishments, such as hotels, tend to use this arrangement to not be too busy and to not interfere with space.

Circular shape

It is easy to create a round or circular flower arrangement. This arrangement looks neat and can be placed on small tables or mantles. These are used frequently as the centerpieces for buffet tables and boardroom meetings.

Although circular arrangements generally mean that the arrangement looks circular from all angles, some florists may consider any arrangement circular so long as it looks right from the top.


The triangular arrangement is triangular from the front and the rear. It stands taller than circular and fan shapes.

Triangular shapes are more complicated and rarer than the other two. These shapes are often used for more serious occasions, such as funerals, christenings, or weddings.


Only experienced florists can create the crescent arrangement. Although it is challenging to create, this arrangement looks stunning when executed correctly. It uses flowers that form an upward curve. The ‘C” arrangement is also known. Other decor should be chosen carefully to match these dramatic results.

To avoid overturns, Crescent arrangements should be placed on stable, weighted stands.


While vertical arrangements may look like triangular shapes, they are taller and have a narrower base. As fillers, small flowers such as carnations and tulips are more popular than large ones.

Vertical arrangements can take any shape, though it is best to try to create a slimmer appearance.

Shape “S”

Experienced florists are skilled in the ‘S-shaped’ arrangement. An angled S is the best way to arrange flowers. Stems can be used to create curves, while fillers are small flowers. This is a minimalistic alternative to the more common round and circular shapes.


Oval arrangements look similar to circular arrangements but are higher. So small flowers and even ferns must be arranged in a dense group.


Horizontal arrangement is more spread out than the fan shape, which achieves an arc. Asymmetry adds character to flowers by increasing the width more than the height.


Ikebana is a Japanese flower arrangement that emphasizes minimalism and uses only the stem. These arrangements are very different from Western styles, which place more emphasis on color and a fancier appearance. Spirituality is a key ingredient in ikebana. Therefore, leaves, stems, and twigs are combined to form a scalene triangle that includes points representing earth, heaven, and man.

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